General work items

Measurement and experiments on noise and vibration;

1. Field surveys and analysis on noise and vibration.
2. Scale-model experiments on noise propagation around roads and so on.
3. Computer simulation for the prediction of noise and vibration.
4. Laboratory experiments and social surveys concerning the effects of noise, infra-sound and vibration on man.
5. Design and development of unattended noise monitoring systems and techniques for sound source identification.
6. Developing methods and devices of calibrating vibration pickups.
7. Measurement on damping characteristics of visco-elastic materials.

Testing of acoustic materials and investigation in architectural acoustics;

1. Tests on acoustical properties of materials.
2. Consulting for the development of new acoustic materials.
3. Surveys and analysis on sound insulation of rooms and buildings.
4. Methods for measuring flow resistivity, sound power level, mechanical internal loss factor and so on.

Special Chambers
for Scale Model Experiment

Chamber A -
6.8 m (L) x 7.2 m (W) x 3.0 m (H)
Chamber B - 7.9 m (L) x 13.1 m (W) x 3.6 m (H)
Chamber C - 10.0 m (L) x 20.0 m (W) x 6.0 m (H)
Floor Material:
Chamber A - Polished Concrete
Chamber B, C - Concrete with Special Paint
Surface Material:
wall, ceiling - 50 mm Glass Fiber Board with Cloth

Test Chamber of Low Frequency Sound

2.1 m (L) x 2.8 m (W) x 2.2 m (H)
Sound Source:
Combination of 16 Speakers, diameter: 38 cm
Maximum Sound Pressure Level: 120 dB
Frequency Range: 2-100 Hz

Anechoic Room

Inner Size: 6 m (L) x 5 m (W) x 4.5 m (H)
Building Construction:
200 mm Reinforced Concrete
Anti-Vibration Construction: Rubber Mount
Inner Insulation Wall:
Double Wall of 9 mm Gypsum Boards
Inner Absorbent Wall: 600 mm Glass Fiber

Microphone Array for Acoustic Aircraft
Noise Monitoring system

Calibration System of Vibration Pick-ups
with Laser Interferometer

Plane View of Reverberation Chambers

Reverberation Chamber (No.1)

Volume: 513m3
Surface area: 382m3
Floor: 72m3
Shape: Irregular Pentagon, Hepta-hedron
Inner surface: Polished Concrete
Reverberation Time; Empty: 14 sec. at 1 kHz